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Laboratory services

lab testing of mine waste soil samples groundwater and surface water sampling and analysis. minerals

We will construct and run column leach tests offering better value than big-name labs, plus we will provide data pre-processed to YOUR requirements

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Acid Rock Drainage (ARD)

All aspects of sampling, testing, analysis and interpretation for decision making and mine planning.  Custom solutions to specific issues, from pit-lake refill, waste rock dumps, tailings storage and water management.

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Modelling and Simulations

 You don't have an acid or metalliferous drainage problem NOW, but what about in 10 years? or 100 years? Predictive modelling can provide decision-making solutions. This is increasingly required by regulators. EnviroGeo has the knowhow to address these issues.

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Data Analytics and Dashboards

Often the go-to solution for data processing and charting is Microsoft Excel. These days data sets which are simply too big for excel are more and more common in the environmental field. We can provide big data solutions to your data challenges including online dashboarding. 

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Sampling and Monitoring

Experienced, safety trained and qualified field personnel for all types of environmental sampling. We also supply sampling equipment and measuring instruments.

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Enviro-Geo offer in-house training for the use of GoldSim and also introductory Python programming for earth and environmental scientists.

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About Us

Geoenvironmental Services, Including:

  • Acid rock drainage (ARD) assessments
  • Column leach tests
  • Humidity cell tests
  • Soil and rock sampling
  • Surface and groundwater sampling and monitoring
  • Geochemical and GoldSim modelling
  • Acid base accounting (ABA) assessments
  • Pit lake simulations and predictive modelling
  • Mineralogy and mineralogical testing

Delivering cost-effective benefits, including:

  • Tailored geochemical solutions 
  • Simulations and predictive modelling for risk assessment 
  • site-wide and life of mine water management modelling
  • data management and dashboards
  • Training in python programming language, PHREEQC, Microsoft Excel and GoldSim for environmental and earth scientists

Mine waste and waste rock dumps can produce acid, saline and metalliferous drainage.

Specialists in humidity cell and column leach tests

Increasingly, regulators require kinetic tests such as column leach and humidity cell tests to be conducted as part of the approvals process. 

EnviroGeo offers cost effective solutions to the characterisation of mined materials, waste rock and tailings. These tests are used to establish:

  • Potential for producing metalliferous and saline leachate
  • The likely contaminants of concern
  • The risk of acid rock drainage (ARD)
  • Geochemical lag-times.