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Modelling and Simulations

Why model?

The use of predictive models is increasingly required by regulators as part of the approvals process. Models are typically employed in the following ways:

For water management and water-balance assessments: Modelling is a cost effective means to test and investigate water management options and for the simulation of complex systems. EnviroGeo modellers have the capability to use the GoldSim modelling platform to not only simulate site specific conditions, but to apply sophisticated climate models and Monte Carlo modelling techniques to apply an appropriate amount of randomness (within realistic limits). This means that important questions can be addressed, such as "How would this system perform under a once in onehundred years storm event?"  or "How is climate change likely to affect this system?" .

Water quality and geochemical modelling: EnviroGeo has extensive experience with coupling water balance modelling with geochemical models to derive predictive water-quality models. We can take geochemical testing data from our column leach and humidity cell tests and derive geochemical inputs to inform our predictive models. Rather than simple mass-balance models, which ignore fundamental geochemical principles such as saturation indices, dynamic geochemical models can be derived, providing a more realistic simulation of the system being modelled. 

Use cases and applications:

  • Waste rock dump leachate water quality
  • Contaminant transport
  • Spillway and overflow release impact assessment
  • Tailings pond water quality 
  • Pit Lake refill profiles and water quality evolution
  • Water treatment and water management operations.

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Predictive modelling and simulations are an incredibly powerful means to assist with decision making and for meeting regulator's requirements. 

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