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Sampling and monitoring

It all starts with a sample...

Whether it's a sample of rock, soil, surface water or groundwater, to learn about environmental conditions, we have to take measurements.  

EnviroGeo can design and deliver sampling programs, either as one- off sampling events or regular monitoring programs. 

EnviroGeo staff have experience in sampling in a range of environments and client settings, including mining, oil and gas, engineering and construction sites. Our staff have 4WD training, are first-aid  trained, hold industry white card, VicTrack Rail inductions as well as safety trained. 

EnviroGeo can provide specialist equipment for your specific sampling needs, including : Gas sampling, water sampling, soil and rock, even marine water sampling and sediment grab sampling. We can also advise on monitoring programs including the development of control charts and other statistical methods to detect significant changes in the monitoring record.

As part of our service, EnviroGeo can liaise with NATA accredited laboratories, organise shipping and package the resulting data in any form required. 

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To discuss your sampling program design, field sampling and statistical analysis please contact EnviroGeo.

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