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These are exciting times. Real time-monitoring of groundwater and surface water, automated logging and the use of telemetry means access to more environmental data than ever before.  Truely, the age of big-data has arrived.

Unfortunately, the skills and tools to handle the explosive rise in data volumes are struggling to keep pace.  For many, the go-to tool of Microsoft Excel is no longer up to the job. The physical limits excel has, for example a maximum of about a million rows, once regarded as essentially infinite, are now potentially serious shortcomings. 

How will you work on a 2Gb file with 5 million rows of data? Excel won't even open it.  If you manage to split the file without losing data, the speed of working on this file, processing or charting will be a slow, uphill struggle with unpredictable results.

Luckily, there are clean and efficient methods for just these types of situation.  EnvioGeo can get you and your team up to speed with specially designed courses in how tools such as Python programming and its associated data processing and charting libraries, to quickly make your big-data headaches a breeze. As earth and environmental scientists, we know what you need, so unlike other courses, we will teach you only what you need to do your job faster and more easily, not attempt to re-train you as a computer scientist. We will also give you the foundation to pursue your own development into the automated future. 

Most likely you are aware of the huge potential for using predictive modelling for your business. GoldSim is an incredibly powerful and flexible platform for modelling all sorts of systems.  It has been used extensively in the mining and environmental sector for decision making, understanding systems, scenario assessments and for responding to regulators' requirements.  If you would like to benefit from the power of GoldSim, but don't know how to get started, EnvioGeo has you covered.

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